Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Imagine a life where you spend all of your time doing the things you love to do, a life with no stress which provides you with the freedom you desire. You’re running a successful micro business, spending your time meeting and talking to people you find the most interesting, people who share your passion or the ones who are facing the same challenges you once had.  You can grow your business to fit your schedule, needs or lifestyle!  Eventually, you can even quit your day job! We will help you expand your Options and Income potential!

Be your own boss or business owner by becoming a sub contractor or service provider for Make Easy LLC.  Any of our businesses can be started with low start up cost ($2500-$5,000 Equipment Investment) and have the potential to provide high income and growth.

You can build your business to suit your needs-full time or part time.  Micro-businesses are more successful if you start out small and grow into our potential.  (Do not quit your day job!)

If you want to increase your income potential and become part of a fast growing company Make Easy LLC has what you need!

(This is not a license or franchise agreement)

What you will need to start?

  • Initial Investment (0-$5,000)  Most only spend $2500.00 or less. (Micro-Loans are available.)
  • Form an LLC (Check State Requirements) add  DBA NAME of selected Micro-Business.
  • Apply for EIN (Employers Identification Number) if service provider.
  • Open Bank Account
  • Purchase Commercial Insurance or Insurance related to Micro-Business (May vary on type of business)
  • Pass Background check and or get approved by Make Easy LLC.
  • Agree to terms of Agreement.
  • Must have a cell phone (Smart Phone) and a computer.

What Happens Next?

Once you become a service provider for Make Easy LLC.  We will help you purchase what you need to get started or set up.  We will assign you a user log in ID for billing and tracking of account information.  We will train, support and help you promote your business in your service area or areas.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is help Make Easy Companies promote your business and get new customers! (Sell Products and Services)

Available Opportunities

Make Advertising Easy LLC– One of our most lucrative Micro-Businesses.  We offer low cost and or affordable advertising for everyone. Bicycle Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Flyer Service.  Build a business in your area today!

Make Cleaning Easy LLC–  Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Bathroom Services, Extra Services -(Carpet cleaning, Tile and Grout cleaning, Window Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning), Product Sales and much more.

Click on company to see site and what we do.

New Companies Coming Soon!

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2020 Service Agreement-Make Easy LLC